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Restaurant Phoenix

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Welcome to the new Phoenix

The Phoenix restaurant, run by chef and owner Sandro Ostorero, after the renovation in May of 1987 the inn with inn run by the grandmother Josephine.
For four generations, my mother's family has always sought to feed and the happiness of its customers.
From 1 February 2016 the restaurant is transformed into a vegetarian.
After 30 years you need a change. To taste our dishes which will, as far as possible, from natural raw material, organic or biodynamic will not have to become a vegetarian, but for a day, curious to a food healthier and more respectful of our environment.

The kitchen
My kitchen is not bound to any ideology or worldview, simply I like to cook vegetarian.
"Vegetarian" vegetus from the Latin meaning: healthy, vigorous, full of life energy. Eating healthy for the sake of health.
My dishes are packed with passion and help me to love my Work: the recipes have purely roots and Mediterranean ingredients with fun "tips" from the world, discovered during my travels, passion second only to the kitchen!
In my course I try to add to the pleasure a fair balance nutrition.

Sandro Ostorero


MENU OF THE DAY  03-06-2023

Insalata con taccole, albicocca disidratata, nocciole, datterini e crostini, salsa con aceto, ceci e tuorlo d’uovo   U  € 12 € 7
Panelle di ceci su letto di valerianella al balsamico   C   V  € 12 € 7
Giardiniera di verdure con pane arabo all’origano   V  € 12 € 7
Tortino di ortiche con fonduta di toma   U   L  € 12 € 7
FIRST PLATE Portion Half
gnocchi di patate di Mocchie con pesto di crescione di sorgente e noci   U   L  € 14 € 8
spaghettoni Masseria Olimpo cacio e peperoncino   L   P  € 12 € 7
Risotto ai funghi spugnole, rosmarino e burro di montagna   C   L  € 14 € 8
Lasagne al ragų vegetale    U   L  € 14 € 8
MAIN PLATE Portion Half
Asparagi di Santena alla milanese con maionese alla senape   U  € 16 € 9
Spinacio selvatico con uovo all’occhio di bue   U   C  € 14 € 8
Polpette di lenticchie su purea di piselli novelli    U   L  € 14 € 8
Uovo cotto a bassa temperatura su crema di parmigiano e tartufo nero   U   C   L  € 14 € 8

Experience menu

A 5-course journey, plus a dessert, born from our creativity and philosophy;
to make you discover the world of vegetarian flavors.

The menu will be created only for the entire table.

The cost of the menu is 35 euros excluding drinks
50 euros with matching wine by glass

The Wines

For years we offer our customers a wide selection. Our paper It offers a wide range of products ranging from the territory to Piedmont, the Italian regional and world wines with a predilection for French wines.

Over time, as for the kitchen, we try to select more producers vinify in a natural, organic and, even better, biodynamic.

The passion for wine led me to create a wine for sale to public, in which you will be recommended or you can taste the product chosen in a dedicated environment.

The Winery

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Via Magnoletto 18 (Strada per Mocchie), 10055 Condove (TO) 
 +39 011 96 43 392 
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Giovedi 18,00-24,00
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Sabato 18,00-24,00
Domenica 12,00-18,00
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